Training Events

TOPOMOD courses:

SC From earthquakes to mountains: Short to longterm lithosphere dynamics GFZ – Potsdam 23-27 Jan 2012
SC The deep contribution to formation of ranges, basins and landscape evolution CSIC – Barcellona 26-30 March 2012
SS Lithosphere deformation: theory, practice and field work Thassos 18-23 June 2012
TOPOMOD workshop Thassos
 SC Laboratory modeling of geodynamic processes Rome 5-6 November 2012
ENI – 1 day workshop Milan 7 November 2012
 SC Numerical Modelling and Analysis of Surface Processes Mainz 18-22 March 2013
SC Interplay of Tectonics and Surface Processes Central Greece 17-24 June 2013

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